UKIP Again Urges Europe To Recognize Somaliland Republic


UKIP party member Mr. James Carver and Tory party member Mr Charles Tannock debated at the European parliament the recognition of Somaliland. They shed light on the legality of Somaliland being a member of the UN.

UKIP support Somaliand

“Somaliland does deserve recognition, it has been a democratic and it has stable which is fought piracy and compacted terrorists and for all those reasons and the historical fact that it once a British protectorate. Under British Somaliand, and entitled under the UN charter and traditions to be an independent state there is very strong case to be made….” Charles TannocK MEP.

Mr. Charles Tannock added that though Somaliland deserved international recognition, but their debate on the European Parliament’s session is not related to that issue, and related to the refugees from Yemen, whom Somaliland government without getting international aid, has made its utmost effort in order to help refugees coming from Yemen which he pointed out to be paid tribute for the Somaliland government for its support to the refugees.



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