SOMALILAND:the solution of problems in our community ,Dr Abdi Aw-Daahir


Almost 18 years ago , I invited a dinner in my house at ALAMADA , Hargeisa city for at least 10 important and popular elders from Burao at Ramadan in 1997, only few months after my appointment by president Egal as the minister of health and labour.

In part of our normal conversations, the Elders have informed me that their neighboring brothers in Burao were totally disoriented and killed at least 10 persons from their community or from other communities with in the city after the negotiation, and peace settlement . However, I asked what about the killings from the other side? They confirmed the killings ,but made their own reasoning , which concludes the cause of their faults mostly as an unintentional .

On the second night I invited almost with the same number a dinner with the other group of elders from Burao. Their information and claim had the same scenario of arguments , but with opposite and contradicting view of the other group of last night . They said ” in fact it is our brothers who made the killings to us, while we made only incidents of an unintentional killings. You can understand that according to both of them every one’s action was unintentional while the other’s action was deliberate, which was totally had no objective grounds , but was based only on tribal biases.

After one week I invited both of them together . When I told the story of their different perspectives of their actions . Both of them accepted their faults , and looked all the issues in the same line with reasonable objective judgment. Infact as I was familiar with both elders , they were the wise, famous leaders of the community , but was overshadowed, and disoriented by the tribal trends of the vast majority of their population. What was missing was that both of them lacked the capability, the courage , and the artistic techniques to oppose the wrong deeds of the majority of their community . They looked the issue only on tribal basis but not on objective human value judgment. We agreed to establish a small united core committee, independent of the selfish oriented tribal principles , with in the the community and that judges issues objectively and only on human values.

This is mainly for historical purpose. However, the solution of that problem and many other similar ones are the major causes of our today achievements as prospective, stable , peace , democratic country under the rule of law. But incidents which may reflect such that type of dilemma occurs everyday and then, as far as there are many who wrongly misinerprets the natural diversification of our communities and the existence of those who negatively distorts our tribal lineage, and we have to use the logical objectives to reverse any time we confront such situations.

Hence, a minority active united members with integrity and human values is more powerful to lead even a very huge majority with tribalism principles, but maintains to a certain extend on the popularity of their constituent. That is the principles that governs me as a leader , manager , and a medical doctor during my professional career in politics and in medical/surgical fields.



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