Somaliland’s representative to the UAE refutes resignation rumours, reaffirms loyalty to President Musa Bihi Abdi

“Siilaanyo Wuxuu Igu Yidhi ‘Diir Maroodi yeelo’,”Amb Baashe Cawil

Somaliland’s representative to the UAE, Bashe Awil Haji Omar, on Thursday, dismissed reports claiming that he has resigned from his post.

Rep. Omar made the announcement during a mid-day press conference in the capital, Hargeisa, after false reports of his resignation began to circulate on social media late Wednesday night.

“There is no truth to these reports. I never announced my resignation, nor did my office release any statement announcing my resignation,” Omar told reporters outside Ali Jirde Hotel.

“Until the President announces my replacement, I will continue to hold this post,”.

Omar went on to the say that rumours of his resignation are similar to ‘other false reports’ that surfaced this week, such as, the video of Yemeni ‘rebels’ threatening Somaliland, and reports claiming that the UAE military base deal has been abolished.

“The public can judge the credibility of the video of the alleged ‘Houthi rebels’ and the statements that were being made for themselves,” Omar said.

Omar also hinted that the new administration has no plans to backtrack on the military base agreement.

“And as the Foreign Minister previously stated, the military base hasn’t been cancelled. The deal was approved by our parliament, and the new administration respects the deal. There is no truth to these reports claiming that it was cancelled.”

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Saad Ali Shire, announced in a press conference earlier this week that the government hasn’t canceled the base, and denied reports alleging that he sent a letter to the UAE confirming the termination of the deal.

FM Shire also stated earlier this week that his Ministry didn’t receive any official statement from Yemen’s Houthi political movement, validating the authenticity of the video.

Omar was also asked during his press conference about reports of a rift emerging between him and the new President. Omar rebuked the claims, and cited the historic relationship between him and President Abdi to back up his argument against the allegations.

“I have been working with the new President for a very long time, he was our presidential candidate that we fiercely campaigned for – there are absolutely no issues between me and the new President,” Omar said.

Omar was also asked about the recent lunch reception for President Silanyo’s former ministers that took place on December 23rd, and his view on how it was publicly portrayed as a ‘secret political meeting’ by the media and other politicians.

“It was just a group of former colleagues getting together for lunch. There was nothing more to it,” Omar said.

Omar also added that there is no reason to separate the previous and current administrations, and emphasized that both administrations hail from the same political party and have the same goals.

“The former Kulmiye administration led this country for seven years. The new Kulmiye administration was elected based on the achievements and success of the previous administration,”

“Those individuals who are separating the two administrations – and are criticizing the previous administration whilst praising the current administration – are the opposition that we defeated,” Omar said.

“Kulmiye came to power in 2010 based on the former President’s platform. This is the same platform that we have been governing on for the past seven years – and the same platform that the new President will be governing on,”.



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