Somaliland:Jamal Ali Hussien and his Supporters officially join Ruling KULMIYE


Jamal Ali Hussien and his supporters today officially joined the ruling party KULMIYE in a ceremony held today at the Mansoor Hotel.

Jamal Ali Hussein who has been de-frocked off his Presidential flagbearer-ship of UCID political party quit the UCID two and half months ago.

Mr. Jamal who lifted the party from oblivion and was seen as a savior was chosen the flagbearer to vie for the presidency, a flag he carried for the past three plus years.

However after a fallout with chairman Feisal Ali Hussein, a couple of court and arbitration cases, the 8thNovember 2016 convention pushed him out and retained the chairman who will try his luck for the top seat for the third time in a row.



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