Somaliland: When Lies and Truth Yield the Same Result!


When good and bad intermingle and become one for some people that people must be confused and convulsed and out of sense. When one does not distinguish good from evil that is psycho in one form or the other!

This phenomenon is happening in Somaliland as it happening in the whole Somali peninsula! How come two opposite things yield the same result?

Siilanyo and Kulmiye party lied to the people. Siilanyo told the people that he and his party are the needed alternative to the corrupt administration of Riyaale. People were receptive to that call. They gave Kulmiye party their vote and elected Siilanyo .Now the people realized Siilanyo and his party lied to them and corrupted Riyaale became “Haaji”-the leaser evil. But have the people learnt any thing from this experience? You will find the answer from the following lines.


Different from Siilanyo and Kulmiye party, the two parties running for the Presidency are not telling the people the lies Siilanyo told them, instead they are telling the truth and the truth is that they are no different then the Siilanyo oligarchy administration. They and Siilanyo are the same coin with different sides!! Eccentrically the people seem receptive to this as they were to the lies of Siilanyo and Kulmiye, therefore lies and truth yield the same result in this case!
Here comes the definition of insanity. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”? Is Somaliland insane?


Allah put Somaliland in a favorable condition and situation thanks to those who founded her, martyred for her but in the ended transferred her to the wrong hands. It is apparent that the people changed what is in them selves. It is happening in ALL sides!

It is happening from the corrupted inept government of Mr. Siilanyo.

It is happening from the so called opposition parties.

It is as well happening from the people who are watching their country slipping into a dark bottomless hole. Sane and normal people can not close their eyes from what is going on in Somaliland under Siilanyo’s (illegitimate) administration and the opposition parties who are in amalgamation with the oligarchy entity of Siilanyo and hope for the best.


“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in them selves. Allah created man virtuous. He gave man intelligence and knowledge of His grace and mercy. If in spite of all this, man distorts his own will, if he has made his own sight blind and changed his own nature or soul from what Allah gave him, the favorable position in which Allah placed him will be changed and once the punishment comes, there is no turning it back” (wal ciyaadu billaah) [Al Raad ch13v11]
Ibrahim M Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa Canada

Date: October 15, 2016



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