Somaliland Unleashed Young MP Candidates 2020/2021

Wakiillada Oo Go'aan Ka Gaadhay Heshiiska Xisbiyada
In what has been described as the  ” major first,” Youth parliament Political Engagement Candidacy among the Young in Somaliland upcoming Parliamentaries and Municipalities Elections, we hoping they will make a difference as we needed more young MP candidates for Maroodi-Jeex who speaks of their visions.  I have met Abdi-Kader Muhoumad Aden  (Ciro) a Young MP candidate whose poster’s now getting ready to be plastered in the streets ahead of the elections in Hargeisa.
Abdi-Kader Muhoumad Aden (Ciro)  election slogan is ‘Fight against poverty and unemployment’. To support youth and provide them with jobs, I have to be in parliament,” he said.
Sheikh Abdirahman Sheikh Farah a prominent respected religious cleric who lives in Gol-Jano, 26 June Distric in Hargeisa Capital in the neighbourhood of Abdi-Kader Muhoumad Aden (Ciro)  and who is fully endorsing his candidacy as an MP said,  “It’s incredibly important that we support engaged young people in democracy and give them opportunities such as to be  Parliament Candidates to make their voice heard, and  I’m looking forward working with Abdi-Kader Muhoumad Aden (Ciro) on his campaign that matter most as we need more young people in parliament and young voices to represent people, because the decisions that are made today are going to be something for our future generations will inherit.”
As I’ve been following Somaliland politics over the last few years, and the focus has been more and more awareness campaigns on how to engage the Youth into Parliament Candidacy has bared it’s fruits and despite their young ages, it is believed that the so many Unleashed Young MP Candidates can offer a unique better approach in the ever-changing Somaliland politics.



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