Somaliland: UAE Military Aid Reaches Berbera Port


The first Military Aid that the United Arab Emirates has provided to SL has docked in the port of Berbera today.

The aid include armored and unarmored vehicles as part of assistance in building a robust Somaliland security sector to enhance its capability.

The military aid which is consisted of armored vehicles, Toyota/LandCruisers-Type vehicles and other equipment such as tank trailers arrived in the port of Berbera.

The equipment is expected to help Somaliland armed forces to discharge their duties effectively.

Vehicles used against protesters, motorbikes and other equipment are part of the military donation.

It was recent when a delegation from SL government led by incumbent president has visited the UAE and met with their officials.

UAE and SL have established bilateral ties between the  two countries and this is the first aid of its kind that the UAE provided to SL security forces in order to maintain the stability of SL.

Sahil regional authority where at the port to receive the military aid from the United Arab Emirates.

Police Commissioner and Head of SL coastal guards where at the handing over ceremony which was held at the port of Berbera.

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