SOMALILAND: Sahra Halgan Resigns from Opposition Waddani Party


Hargeisa, (Sayruuq) -Ms. Sahra Halgan, a prominent and vocal Waddani party woman has announced her resignation from Waddani Party. In a resignation letter she sent to Waddani party leader and the media, Sahra Halgan clearly stated that she is no longer staying as a member of Waddani party.

n the resignation letter she said: “With effective of 25/07/2015, I’m here clearly confirming that I’ve resigned from both being a member and working with Waddani party”

Sahra Halgan2

Stating that her resignation is personal, in her letter Sahra Halgan said “I’m here confirming that my resignation is purely personal and I want to be free from politics and party commitments as I’ve private commitments I want to be free for”

Political source say Sahra Halgan’s resignation is part of a wave of resignations feared Waddani party will face as the top leadership is accused of “Lack of sense of direction” and the current political crisis the party has attracted more criticism rather than support in the way it approaches the disputed elections delayed.

Also other sources closed to Sahra Halgan confirmed that she was so frustrated by the lack of decision of Abdirahman Erro in the extension term in office for president Siilaanyo and the parliament which Mr. Erro also has being granted for extension term as chairman of the parliament.

The Sahra Halgan’s feo at Somaliland’s presidential palace will welcome her exit from Waddani party and this could open a new chapter between Sahra Halgan and the first lady’s side as they had bitter relationship since Sahra Halgan declared of joining Waddani Party.

Sahra Halgan’s resignation is another blow to Waddani party which lately struggling to establish its role in Somaliland’s party politics.

Waddani party has witnessed a wave of resignations in the last few weeks and more are expected as the party cracks into pro-Erro and those who are in leadership contest.

Behind the curtains there are party consultations on members abandoning the party over the leadership disapproval, reports say there is a deep rift in the party’s high rankings.



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