Somaliland President’s Give-Me Tour Campaign in the Gulf Foully Paid off


President Ahmed Silanyo and his bunch of Friendly Nurses locally known as “ ministers” flew from Hargeisa to meet Somalia’s minister in Dubai to reinvigorate Reunification Talks and discuss with the DP World on possible Hire-purchase or long term lease of Berbera on the sidelines of the conference. “I’ll discuss various projects with the UAE,” vaguely stated the octogenarian before his departure from Kuwait-repaired airstrip that only small planes hardly

Somaliland’s desperation for Foreign Direct Investment is obvious and the defeat of Somalilandism is seen in the president’s eyes. His trip followed the West pressurized to him reverse his illegal extension of power immediately or face sanctions that killed million children in Iraq before the occupation begun. His sole overriding objective is cash in advances to feel in dispensable of the EU. The president also conceded Somaliland’s nomination of Somaliland’s Central Bank Governor to Mogadishu in order to receive EU aid under Somalia that even didn’t work out despite the fact that they unwittingly compromised “Somalilandism”, a nationalism his predecessors ferociously clung on. It’s a new approach because familiar policies failed, said Elderly Nurse accompanying the ailing octogenarian. “Let’s trade off No-man’s land against idle millions $ in the Gulf States to enrich ourselves”. A perception of Arabs by destitute African juntas.

Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

His first trip secured 40 $ million in cash signature advances from small port management firm based in the UAE according to Lettre D’lOcean Indien paper. “Arabs are one-man countries they give whatsoever they want to unlike tsunami papers and time consuming process of the Western aid or investment” uttered Friendly Elderly Nurse accompanying the invalid president who used to taste Sheikh Sayed’s meals. French company Bollore Group which is older; better efficiency and experience in running global ports has been beaten by the kickbacks of the Arab thick cash purse. Would Bollore sue DP World for lack of transparency in securing ports in Djibouti, Berbera, and Kismayo much like FIFA where Qatar city bid used enormous cash handouts and “gifts” to FIFA? But the US is going to cancel billions of dollars naively spent on stadiums in Qatar has gone in vain! Qatar has to sue Saudi for the exclusive Haj tourism that generates billions $ but supposedly be shared among Muslim countries especially Arab ones.

The Arab World including UAE are opposed any partition of Somalia and hesitant to offer any assistance to Somaliland, in doing so, Cairo or other heavyweight Arab countries will perceive it to go off-limits.

Although few supported his Give-Me Tour in the oil rich countries, Wadani ultranationalist Party having the nation’s interest at the heart questioned his trip if different from previous ones of which the president always returned empty-handed and worried about the possible lobby against Somaliland’s growing recognition via the EU by French government. Somalilanders consider their octogenarian president’s trip “painful recklessness”. “We are in new era of losing friends,” said Abdirahman Irro. France a big ally in the EU has been alienated by greedy policies of the current government.

Saleban Gaal of the Guurti who called democratic system to be replaced with “tribes-ruling-in- turns” system welcomed the president’s travel to the Gulf describing it as “financially pragmatic step towards attracting cash advances in the millions”. He believes that “Sheikhdoms” may donate Zakat in advance or DP World that runs ports in the US and several other countries is less likely sticking to global standards of financial disclosures than EU port management firms are, therefore, agree with him to offer him millions of dollars in advance without any documentation or press publicity.

Kulmiye ruling thugs have been trying to sell Somaliland’s national assets, wild life, and ports for anyone provided that they give them advances regardless of any consequences upon the tiny Somaliland but so far with little success because popular party Wadani has been against the wholesale of the nation’s assets.

Last two years, globally unregistered company, without benefitting the community, has been freely mining in Samoda Mount rich with minerals from Barium to locally unknown treasures.

General Energy exploring oil withdrew from Somaliland for security concerns when foreign intelligence gave tipoff.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Foreign Minister of the UAE paid official visit to Somalia ignoring Somaliland president’s presence to his country, clear message to the Somalilanders that the Arab World won’t recognize them for the next millennia even if they assert their fake “Arabism” which didn’t pay off yet.

Somaliland government in transition legally can’t reach agreement with foreign investors since her mandate already expired. But war-profiteering firms may gamble, there’s ongoing dispute about illegal extension between the government and the nation’s largest opposition party Wadani backed by international community. Threats of freezing aid among other tools were used. The president realized that the Western aid is no longer coming and thus decided to appeal to Gulf States for cash injection to overstay in power and crash opposition forces and freedom of speech. However, Gulf States are up for long-term business opportunities not cash handouts unlike 70s.

Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye, Somaliland Activist, political commentator, and senior editor at Democracy Chronicles writes, his works appears in Jerusalem Post, African Review, Big News Network, Toronto Telegraph, Austin Global, Sudan tribune.

Source: Middle East Online 



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