Somaliland: Parliament Begins Debate on Law to Amend Voter Registration


Somaliland’s parliament on Saturday began debate on a law proposing changes to the country’s voter registration.

The head of state has submitted a letter to the parliament asking the body to amend the VR laws after the president has appealed NEC to postpone voter registration exercise due to a drought which has hit most of Somaliland’s rural areas.

The government has done so do to a makeup calls from aid agencies that humanitarian aid is a must to avert the situation from catastrophe.

Discussions by lawmakers on key points, including changes to the VR law which calls the exercise to be completed 6 months before the elections in 2017.

The lawmakers will continue to debate about the issue on Sunday. Abdirahman Abdilahi Irro, the house speaker has chaired the session.

Somaliland set to go to the polls in 2017 where it will hold its presidential and parliamentary election for the second time running.

incumbent president was elected to the power in 2010 after he beat his main rival former president Dahir Rayale Kahin.



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