Somaliland: Mohamed Rashid Made Some Baseless Accusations About SONSAF


Subject: SOLJ General Assembly Preparation
I would like to inform you that Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) General Assembly
preparation has been officially designated to the preparatory Committee appointed under the guidance and
the authority of the chairman with consultation of the Executive members of SOLJA. On the other hand,
the SOLJA General Assembly will be held on Aug- 21-22- 2014.
With due respect, I would also like to rectify the constitutional mistakes made by my former Secretary
General Mr. Mohamed-Rashid Muhumed Farah who circulated emails across the local and
international partners in order to create a confusion within the journalists where he also made some
baseless accusations about SONSAF which respectively accepted our membership last year.
In this opportunity, I would like to apologize SONSAF which has made tremendous efforts how the
media sector will have acceptable regulatory framework and set of capacities required; see attached the
SONSAF position paper dated 05/06/2014.
Moreover, I’m writing to clarify you that SOLJA Executive members’ term has expired the on 31 July
2014. In this regard, on behalf of previous Executive members of SOLJA, we handed over the
responsibility of the General Assembly to the Preparatory Committee; see the attached appointment letter.
Therefore, I would be highly recommending that all channels of communications both local and
international must deal with the chairman of the Preparatory Committee Mr Mohamoud Abdi Jama
(Xuuto) with following contact Telephone 002522-4194200. Thus, behalf of
previous SOLJA Executive Committee, I would like inform you again that your participation, observation
and assistances of the General Assembly would be highly welcomed and worthwhile.
Your sincerely
Hassan Mohamed Yusuf
Previous chair of SOLJ xasan



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