SOMALILAND: Make No Supplications against President Siilanyo, Pray for His Guidance Despite


President Siilanyo is a disconnected President. He left a wounded country, an isolated country which allegedly four or so powerful Ministers in Siilanyo’s inner circle have a relationship and share a common thinking and ideology with fundamentalists in the region according to
what the revered Sheik Aden Seiro said in his Eid prayer sermon in Hargeisa. Those said individuals are considered dangerous to the peace and stability in Somaliland and the region yet they are very close to the President.
As reported in the news media the neighboring countries complained about these Ministers but not heeded. The neighboring countries then closed their borders in retaliation as reported. Mr. Siilanyo left a divided people and a rotten
Some people say he left for London for health issues, but he denied that and said that he is there for R&R (Rest and Recreation). For R&R in a foreign country when 85% of Somalilanders are unemployed and the other 15% are under employed!? What a sham, what a shame!!
Despite the shamefulness of the R&R thing, make no supplications against Mr. Siilanyo, pray for his guidance instead for he is astray in a long distance, lest he come back a changed man. Lest he changes what is in him and in case he changes the disparaging and dubious policies he set or others did for him as well as the disastrous crew he assembled.
Prayers pave the way for us to grow in the character of our religion and our culture. Pray for his guidance notwithstanding.
Siilanyo’s administration considers the conscionable and the moral sector of the society who questions the dubious polices as well as the inexperienced and inept people who are running his administration as his enemy or they portrayed for him that way and he hate them. The people see the government as the entity that misappropriates their taxes and their natural resourced and terrorizes them in their homes in the wee hours of the night. They hate the administration for that and more in turn
The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“The best among your rulers are those whom you love and they love you in turn, those who pray (make supplication) for you and you pray for them.
The worst of your rulers are those whom you hate and they hate you in turn, and you curse them and they curse you.”
The Prophet (pbuh) also said: “There will be rulers over you. You will agree some of their agenda and reject some of it. Whoever rejects what must be rejected will maintain his innocence and whoever hates it will maintain his innocence. However, those who accept (what should be denied) and follow the ruler will be sinners if and when the rulers regulate and or indulge something unlawful, at that point change those rulers”.
“The Prophet (pbuh) also ordered people to be patient with the oppression or misdeeds of the rulers and refrain from fighting them. Allah will eliminate evil by way of the oppressive king much more than the oppression he is doing to people.
Let us pray for Siilanyo to recover and remodel himself for the sake of his self and of the country.
How do we pray those we believe they betrayed us and destroyed our hopes and aspirations knowingly or unknowingly?
How do we pray for those who purposefully use and abuse our constitution and our way of life?
How do we pray for those who abuse and misuse the public treasury?
As true Muslims we can still do, we can still pray for them that God forgive them, but they have to change their way.
a) They have to confess their horrendous mistakes of national proportion.
b) They have to Change what is in them.
c) They have to Change the deceptive otherwise failed policies and the corruptors and the inept crew the ruler assembled
We pray for God to forgive those who derailed our country which hundreds of thousands paid blood and treasure. We may say that Allah redirect them to the right path and show them the right way for they know not what they did and what they are doing.
We can Pray for God to give them wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Allah’s way. Obviously, the more we truly know what Allah told us to do when our people entrust us to lead them right and not to eat up their resources and not to dim their hopes and aspirations the less we’ll allow our temptations to deceit the trust entrusted upon us and less we allow sycophants and the Guulwadayaal to influence our thoughts, words and deeds. We can Pray that Allah, may give to [our leaders] the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Allah and His way in execution of the trust entrusted upon them
Pray for God to root them and ground them in love with their country and with the conscionable and moral people rather than the immoral corruptors and the sycophants.
If they are rooted and grounded in the love of Allah and His way as well they would not steal and they will not betray their people. Being rooted and grounded in Confession and Repentance, then they may be able to comprehend what they did wrong and the sin they committed against the country and the people.
The prophet of Allah (pbuh) also said: “it will come a time that Rulers after me will come who do not abide by my guidance and Sunnah. Some of their men will have Satan’s heart in a human’s body.” “Shayaadeenal insi’ (Ref: from Sheikh Muhammad al-Qannâs).
To sum up we must enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil. In fact, we are required to do that and glorify to raise the word of righteousness, each one according to his ability.
However peace and prayers
Ibrahim M Mead
political analyst
Ottawa, Canada



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