SOMALILAND: Councilor Hanad Hashi Favourite to Replace Abdirahman Soltelco as Hargeisa Mayor


By Abdirisak Itaqile

Hargeisa(Sayruuq) -The Mayor of Hargeisa city Abdirahman Mohamoud Aided better known as Soltelco will face an uphill battle for the coming days to retain his role in the top job, as a motion of no confidence is expected to be brought against him.

Recently, the majority of Hargeisa local councilors tabled a no confidence motion against mayor Soltelco which they said was bringing the name of the council into disrepute.

It is widely expected that mayor Soltelco will lose his mayoral position when councilors take a vote at an extraordinary meeting next week.

Speaking to journalists upon his return from luxury tour in Europe at the expense of taxpayer’s money on Monday Mayor Soltelco stated that he is confident that he will retain his role as the mayor of the country’s capital.

“The councilors has the right to hold an extraordinary meeting, but I have the confidence of retaining my office against every motion, even if two-thirds of the members of the city council submit an impeachment motion against me to the House of Representatives” Soltelco told journalists upon his arrival at Hargeisa’s Egal International Airport on Monday.

As the turmoil at Hargeisa city council continues unabated, veteran councilor Hanad Hashi Ahmed Aided has taken an early lead in the race to replace Abdirahman (Soltelco) as Hargeisa mayor.

Educated in the UK, councilor Hanad Hashi is an experienced and loyal councilor where the majority of Hargeisa residents believe that if he wins the council’s vote next week that he will transform the city.

Since his election as the mayor of country’s capital in April 2013, mayor Soltelco has been plundering the city’s treasury while lavishing himself with enormous salaries and overseas tours at the expense on taxpayer’s money.

Under mayor Soltelco’s tenure in office, corruption and land-grabbing had become a routine practice in the municipality.



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