Somaliland: 55th Independence Anniversary; We shall not rest until we achieve aspirations, resolves the President


By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has once more called on the international community to officially recognize the nation of Somaliland as is justifiable.

The President made the appeal on the occasion of the country’s 55th commemoration of her independence from the British colonial yolks observed on 26th June.

He precisely noted that the country was justifiable in her quest of international recognition in all moral and legal senses, and of course, associated rights.

In essence the Head of State revisited the long time painstaking efforts that the people of the land have been working towards so as to achieve their aspiration.

Whilst he admitted past mistakes made, (in-advent a case in point being the unchartered 1st July ‘60 union with Italian Somalia), the President was categorical that SL has made it resolute to re-affirm their independence.

The country is presently a legally de-facto state that seeks the de-jure status to join the IC politically.

The President was resolute that the country and the people of the nation would not rest nor leave any stone unturned in their quest towards the objectives of the aspirations.

He sent profuse praise and profound greetings to the nation on the occasion.

The President hoisted the flag during the event marked at the State House.



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