President Mustafe Omer: A Beautiful Gift for Somali People in Ethiopia.


President Mustafe Omer: A Beautiful Gift for Somali People in Ethiopia…………

An economist by profession and a highly skilled civil servant, to boot, Mustafe Omer, the newly appointed Somali State President, is the perfect gift to the Somali people in Ethiopia. A series of less educated and less capable regional leaders imposed from Addis Ababa since 1991 have wreaked havoc on the region’s residents. Though he will serve as a caretaker president until elections are held in two years time, President Mustafe has the necessary political skills and almost majority support from the region’s residents to steer them out of the long human and economic crises they have endured since the advent of modern Ethiopia.

The incoming president is a man who commands the respect and adoration of the majority of the Somali people as a result of his tireless and priceless advocacy campaign for justice for his people during the reign of Abdi Illey, the disgraced former regional president. He was a thorn in the side of the ousted administration. He often pointed out their blatant violation of the local population’s fundamental human rights in his eloquently written English essays until Abdi Illey was forced to resign by the current transitional Ethiopian Federal Government. In fact, his own family suffered the wrath of Abdi Illey’s administration. His parents and siblings were incessantly and severely harassed by the Liyu Police for his advocacy work for the plight of the oppressed region’s population. Moreover, his brother died in the hands of Abdi Illey’s Lyu Police in an attempt to silence him.

On a personal level, president Mustafe is a good friend whom I have met in the virtual world but never physically seen. He is a humble and down to earth man, at least in my online interaction with him, who likes to promote the expansion and advance of education, skills, and adherence to the rule of law among the Somali Region’s young population. He is tech savvy and likes to win the hearts and minds of his readers in his beautifully written prose.

President Mustafe Omer is among the best leaders that the Somali people in Ethiopia could be rewarded with by the Federal Government, albeit temporarily until election, after almost nonstop misrule and human rights violation in the region. We wish him every success at this very important transition from the rule of the gun to the rule of law in our home region.
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