Karibu Africa , Mr. President . Welcome !


A Decent man said “President Barack Obama is not a modest man, but when it comes to assessing his or any president’s place in the long American story, he has been heard to say, “We just try to get our paragraph right.” Yet the way a raft of recent events have broken sharply in his favor, Obama suddenly seems well on his way to writing a whole page – or at least a big, fat passage – in the history books. ”

The president’s former chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau, notes that almost all of Obama’s recent successes had their origins in things he said and did long ago, including his insistence in a 2007 primary debate that it was worth talking even to enemies (an assertion that many commentators saw as a gaffe at the time) and his 2008 Philadelphia speech on race (which he made over the nervous objections of some of his advisers).
“This is the long game paying off,” Favreau says. ” Most critically, he understood that change on all of these issues would come at a slower and more gradual pace than the perpetual hysterics in Washington would demand. When it came time to actually govern, he put the history books ahead of the news cycles, and our politics will be better off if future presidents follow his example—because the thousands of words written since the midterms about how resigned and defeated Obama is now seem as insightful as the comments section of a blog .”
Karibu Africa Mr.President We The People of Somaliland are honored to welcome you in Africa . Mr. President God willing We The People want to engage long game like you do always to choose our next President in Somaliland ….. we need your Blessings and the Blessings of Mrs. Clinton / Mr. Bush .
Here are our Three wonderful Presidentail candidates and there peacefull slogans may God prevent us from the Idiocy of Mr. Harif Tuulo ( Xariif Tuulo ) , Mr . Ali Lahin ( Cali Laaxin) and Mr. Waranade Trump ( Warancade Trump) , Amen :
Ahmed Jigga



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