Jamal Ali Hussein Accepts Apology from Former President


Dubai, (Sayruuq) – The presidential hopeful for the Somaliland’s Welfare and Justice Party (UCID), Jamal Ali Hussein has accepted and welcomed the apology given by the former president and UDUB leader to him and his partner in the UCID presidential candidacy.

The apology from the former president of Somaliland comes after he has returned home yesterday and at his arrival at Hargeisa’s airport he said he wanted to apologize for his ‘blatant disregard’ to those who sought the leadership of UDUB as his potential predecessor and bided to lead the later wiped-out party, but instead he favoured to handed over the leadership to Ali Waranadde whom he described him as a man with no ambition.

In a short statement posted by Jamal Ali Hussein on his social network page- the Facebook, the UCID party presidential hopeful cited the former president, Daahir Riyaale’s contribution and recognized the unprecedented move for acknowledging his past mistakes.




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