Ivory Jet Services Launches Direct Flights to Somaliland

Ivory Jet Services Launches Direct Flights to Somaliland

Ivory Jet Services Launches Direct Flights to Somaliland. Djiboutian owned Ivory jet which positions itself as a low cost carrier with good quality and reliable services has of the 7th of March 2018 (Wednesday) begun daily flights to Somaliland and Djibouti.
The services offered by Ivory jet include VIP services between the two countries, such as emergency trips and medical assistance.
Upon landing in Hargeisa Egal International Airport, the delegation was greeted by Hon Abdiqani Mahmoud Aateye(Farid)Somaliland Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and other officials received
The Justice Minister speaking during the event said” The new flights by Ivory Jet to Hargeisa shows the growing trade and commercials relations between the Somaliland and Djibouti.

Ivory Jet Services Launches Direct Flights to Somaliland Ivory Jet Services Launches Direct Flights to Somaliland

The General Manager of Ivory Jet Mr.Yassine El Moussi on behalf of the companies said  “Ivory Jet Services is proud to establish Somaliland and Hargeisa Egal International Airport as its secondary base of operation. Thanks to our new partnership with airport authorities of Hargeisa Airport, ministry of transportation, health, finance and investment we will now be able to provide affordable Medical Evacuation and VIP Jet solutions to the people of Somaliland and major foreign investors. We are a well-established aviation company that has built a genuine reputation for high-quality and innovative services the will now be available from Somaliland. Our objective is to accompany the development the African Aviation market and promote African enterprises internationally.”

Yassine El Moussi- General Manager”On the other hand Ivory Jet officials met with H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail, the Vice-President of Somaliland and, the Ministers of Transport of Somaliland and Trade and International Investment.
The Minister of Justice, Presidential Spokesperson and Managing Director of Somaliland Airports were on board the first flight to Hargeisa.
Djioubti Based Ivory Jet Launches Direct Flights to Somaliland
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