House of Elders Won’t Change Their Extension decision – H/Elders Spokesman


By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Somaliland House of Elders, after repeatedly requested by the country’s national political parties (KULMIYE, UCID, WADANI) and the international community to review their decision on the extension of the tenure of the current government (both executive and house of representatives), they are still vowing that their extension decision is a constitutional based one and won’t be changed under any circumstance.


The Spokesman of the House of Elders Mr. Abdikadir Indho-Indho said this in an exclusive interview with Bbc Somali Service.

House of Elders have extended the tenure of the current government and the House of Representatives by one year and 10 months, but later the three parties and government has reached an agreement which is contrary to the Gurti’s one, where they suggest the elections to be held within 1year and 5 months. Gurti has strongly yelled their agreement and pointed out that it is unconstitutional one.

The Positions of the Vice President and Ruling Party Chairman on the Agreement with Opposition Parties:

Vice President and Ruling party Chairman who jointly held a press conference few days ago, have noted that the Guurti’s extension term is a constitutional one, and that their agreement with the opposition parties has been a political solution as they have accepted and respected the calls made by the international community who they said to be mainly supports Somaliland on issues related to the democratization process.

They like wise pointed out that the Upper House of Parliament (Gurti) is the only constitutional organ which can make any term extension for country’s institutional branches.

Opposition Parties’ Stance on the agreement:

The Chairman of WADANI Party Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi (Irro) has refused the suggestions’ on that their party is to take part the efforts required in order to convince the Gurti of making review to their decision on the extension. The Chairman likewise accused Silanyo led government of withdrawing the agreement reached with the opposition parties.

“It is unacceptable that government says, ‘the Guurti’s decision is a constitutional one’ and the same contradicts and says, ‘we didn’t retreat from the agreement’. The government is playing a mind game and it was not a suitable to call for negotiation talks with opposition parties as they already put in place and knew that the decision made by the Gurti is a constitutional one. The President was to issue a presidential decree in which he is setting the election date, but that didn’t happen.”

Chairman of UCID party Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe speaking about the implementation of their political agreement with the government has strongly accused government on retreating from the agreement and noted, “The government was only required to implement and enforce the agreement that it has reached with the opposition parties, instead of doing otherwise. They seem that they have violated and retreated from the agreement.



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