Djiboutian soldier inside the prison.


Today i’m very deeply heartbroken, i’ve got shocked without sleeping all the night, tears gushed out of my eyes after i watched the video clip of the Djiboutian soldier inside the prison. The place he was cooped up, the physical agony he was feeling, the horrific condition he was encountering and how he was completely dehumanized was desperate and traumatic! He was experiencing a bitter dilema and a dire case. He was thinking that he will die and be killed after broadcasting his video.

Although the brutal tyrant dictator tried to deprive all his positive human qualities, by the way, he was decorous, dedicated, fearless and man on principle. He declaimed the rooted injustices, overtake biases, kinds of manipulations, embarrassment humiliations, and extremely excessive human right violations done by the very few ruling class leading by the brutal tyrant Ismail omer geelle and his unwise family becouse of their short-sighted, wrong-headed, impolitic and irrresponsibilty.

These days all over the world is angry and still protesting against the unjust death of the Black African American Goerge Floyd. Somalis are one of the heaviest communities in Minnisota and hugely they were taken part to a great role to the #BlackLivesMatter protests. They deserve congratulation.

Charity begins at home but the character of the Somali people taught me that they’re not very sensible to their issues! Thousands of Somali brothers and sisters in the Somali territory are experiencing dire human right violations daily because of the cruelty of their authorities. How many are being jailed, tortured and killed just because of they used their freedom of Speech, opinion and expression? Unaccountable!

Although we have a different autonomous, we just need to unite our senses and fight togother against any kind of oppression to all Somali people. We have to be sensitive against to all kinds of human right violations, if not, degrading of humanity will continue becouse yesterday a dire situation where in the Somali Region (Ethiopia) done by Abdi Iilay, today Djibouti is in very harsh circumstance directing by Ismail Omer and tommorow will be to somewhere else in the Somali territory.

In the End, Ismail’s tyrant activities and idiocy are for the final days! I’m proposing to all Somali people to fight against this brutal dictator through the media by exposing the unlawfull killings and disclose the incentives of his incurable financial greediness.

Suhaib Ahmed Hassan.



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