Dahabshiil Wins in US Appellate Court Against Allegations


The Somali-owned, international money transfer company, Dahabshiil, was cleared on Friday by the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit of allegations raised by one Harbi Hussein in an attempt to link the reputed remittance company to terror financing.

The case was filed in April 2016 against Dahabshiil and its affiliates in the United States by attorney Joshua D. Arisohn, a partner with Bursor & Fisher, who represented Mr. Harbi, son of the late Somalia MP Saado Ali, the ‘estate of Saado Ali Warsame’ and other members of her immediate family.

The Plaintiffs-Appellants Harbi Hussein, Ayanle Ali, Maryan Ali and Riyak Ali appealed a January 27, 2017, opinion and order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Caproni, J.) which dismissed their first amended complaint with prejudice.

Read here the full court case



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