Somaliland President & UAE officials discuss on Issues pertaining to military facility


Somaliland President, H.E Musa Bihi Abdi held high level discussions with UAE delegation that arrived in Hargeisa a week ago. The delegation returned to the UAE after the talks. The meeting was conducted covertly and details of what has been discussed are unknown to the public. The UAE delegate compromised of 7 members and the office of the presidency has not issued a press statement. Somaliland authority placed a temporary suspension of the ongoing work of UAE military base in the port city of Berbera after the UAE failed to live up to certain terms of the agreement that it signed with former Silanyo administration. The president was accompanied by foreign, interior and transport and road development ministers during the high level discussions with UAE officials. Somaliland gov’t is determined to revise the agreement and see the amendment of certain terms in the deal as far as UAE and Somaliland military base agreement is concerned. It became quite difficult to disclose the terms that the president is eager to see the inclusion of the deal that Somaliland gov’t inked with the UAE. The United Arab Emirates have told the president that his government must stick to the agreement that it entered with previous government. The UAE has told the president that Somaliland must jot down the terms it wants to see the inclusion of the already signed agreement. The UAE has extended an official invitation to Somaliland president, to visit the UAE and reports said that the Head of State has accepted the invitation although he has not set a date for the visit to take place.



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