Dr Abiy wishes all Muslims happy Ramadan

4 Ujeedo Oo Itoobiya U Danaynayso Dekedaha Geeska

Dr Abiy wishes all Muslims happy Ramadan

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed today wished all Muslims a happy Ramadan.

The month of Ramada is unique as it concurs with peace, love, kindness, unity and other several religious values, the Premier said in his message.

“I strongly believe that Ramadan will be a month in which you pray for peace, unity and prosperity of Ethiopia,” said Prime Minister Dr Abiy.

As a month of fasting, Ramadan will give us an opportunity to carry out practical activities that are beneficial for the country and the people.

Accordingly, “during this month of fasting, I urge you to pray as usual for peace and uphold Ethiopians long history of living in harmony,” he added.

The Premier finally wished all Muslims a peaceful and happy Ramadan.

The holy month of Ramadan will start tomorrow.

Source: Fana Television



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